About Thorndale Partners

We LOVE what we do.

Thorndale Partners was founded by merging assets from two long standing Nashville, Tennessee based staffing agencies with a combined 17 years in the market, with a back office funding partner with over 40 years of experience funding and managing operations of exceptional staffing firms across the country.

We help our clients find outstanding candidates in a highly competitive and and demanding candidate market. 

Why People Work With Us:

    • All the staff in the business have long standing careers in recruiting, each with a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the industry.  Put this experience in use for you, it saves time and increases success.  Also, it lets you know that you will avoid the churn and talking to someone new each time, explaining your story or needs over and over.
    • All of the staff have backgrounds in the industry they support prior to entering the staffing business.  You get someone that understands your needs from your side of the opportunity.
    • Honesty and Integrity, full disclosure of the pro’s and con’s of an opportunities comprehensive details and a candidate’s profile.  Not always helpful in closing the deal fast – it means less happen and they take a little longer…..however, the right hire or the right environment to work in are worth the effort and pay off in the long run with a much more successful match for both parties, the value is exponentially more than the time or fee.
    • Transparent and straightforward =   No guessing or typical concerns in negotiating.
    • Success stories are what drives us, with 100’s of placements in the local market, we can talk about countless careers we have helped take to the next level or hires that have been drivers to the success of a team or project.   We call on many formally placed candidates that turned into to hiring clients and can track our contribution to their success from early in their careers to Sr. level or Management and Executive roles they are in today.   We love what we do.

Thorndale Technology supports all levels of IT staffing for corporations, technology companies, and startups.

Thorndale Health supports all levels of technology related staffing for healthcare organizations, healthcare technology companies, and healthcare consulting firms.

Thorndale Finance supports staffing for the Accounting and Financial roles for all of the organizations our other divisions support.